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Medical Facility





To be the healing hands of Jesus to a hurting world."

This hospital project was started by two brothers who first began their medical ministry just after they learned to speak. As young children, they would assist medical volunteers on short-term mission trips with Tom Cox World Ministries (now known as Partner 135) by translating the words of the doctors and dentists into words that the patients could understand. Since that time, about 30 years ago, these young boys grew up to be men of God and pursued professional medical careers in order to spread the gospel in their homeland. One of them became a dentist and the other an orthopedic surgeon. These young men are following the example displayed before them by their grandparents which has now been passed down through each generation.

As this country is becoming more difficult to send missionaries into, we believe God is creating a wonderful opportunity to continue the work of reaching the lost. Would you consider giving a gift today to support this hospital work? Don't wait!

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