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The Frontier

Unreached people groups in the East

Nomad Desert

99% have no access to the Good News

From the very beginning, God has made it clear that His desire is for all the peoples of the Earth to know Him and have relationship with Him.

Our Bible is one story made up of multiple books written by about 40 authors. But, the one underlying theme is this:  God has a heart for every man, woman, and child regardless of their heritage. He has chosen His Church to be the instrument by which He declares the Good News of His Eternal Kingdom. 

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus declares the task at hand is to Make Disciples of Jesus who obey and make more disciples of Jesus. 


Currently, we are partnering with National Churches and Church Leaders in the Frontier and around the world to encourage and equip them. We are working to raise awareness, support, co-laborers, and prayer to assist them in their God-given mission of expanding the Kingdom of Heaven within their own countries and wherever else the Lord would lead them to go. We are also working to train and equip disciples in South America to be ready to mobilize to some of the least reached parts of the world.

The task has never changed.  The methods are changing at a rapid pace but we are working to keep in step with the Spirit as He draws the focus to King Jesus. When you partner with us, the work continues daily to encourage more movement to the least reached places. 

This video is from Global Frontier Missions. Find more videos from GFM on YouTube or their Homepage

"Unreached peoples are unreached for a reason. They're hard, difficult, and dangerous to reach. All the easy ones are taken."
-David Platt

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