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Where it all Started

In 1981, Partner 135 began taking the gospel to Southern Asia. Our mission teams have seen more than 200,000 professions of faith and have assisted in the planting of hundreds of churches.


There are over 7,500 people groups in Asia. More than 5,600 are unreached. That is approximately 2.8 BILLION people. (Joshua Project)

Partner 135 mobilizes mission teams of volunteers each year to conduct medical, dental and optometry clinics, kids’ Bible clubs, direct evangelism in tribal villages, and theological education. These activities serve as catalysts and venues for evangelism, disciple-making, and equipping indigenous leadership. 

Ongoing evangelism and discipleship efforts also include significant community development projects, health education, and senior assisted-living facilities.

Due to the restrictive nature of not being able to share the Gospel openly in certain areas, some of our teams participate in prayer-walking, praying that God would move in the hearts of the people there. 

People in Asia worshiping Jesus

"We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God."
-John Stott

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