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Kari & Nilton





Kari moved to Peru as a missionary in 2015 to serve in teaching at the Tom Cox Baptist Theological Seminary of Trujillo. Nilton was among the first graduating class of the Seminary’s missions school in 2016. In 2018, Nilton and Kari got married and now serve the Lord together in teaching, training, church-planting and discipleship. Both have a heart to see their Peruvian brothers and sisters trained and sent out as missionaries and to see the Peruvian local church raise up to be a supportive and active part of mission work. In July of 2019, Kari stepped in as President of the Board of Partner 135's Peruvian branch and Nilton as the new Director of Missions for Partner 135 Peru. They both continue to serve in various ways with the Seminary and to partner with their state's Peruvian Baptist Association.

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